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                      Foshan Electrical And Lighting Co.,Ltd (abbrev as Foshan Lighting as below) was established in 1958, located in north Fenjiang road, Foshan, China. As a professional and leading lighting manufacturer, Foshan Lighting owns five product-ion bases, Foshan headquarter ( 193,000 sqm), Nanhai Manufacturing Center (206,000 sqm),Gaoming Industrial Zone (895,000 sqm), Xinxiang factory (91,300 sqm) and Nanjing factory( 136,000 sqm) with more than 200 production lines and over 10000 employees.                                                                                                                                              We produce a series of lighting products with high-quality, low cost and reasonable price. “FSL” has been a well-known trademark in the domestic as well as in the international market.  We service more than 200 customers from 80 countri-es and we believe that our innovation on the LED technology are enable to provide the best quality product and good  services to every customer.